The V-Life Experience

V-Life gives you the opportunity to design a new life in a virtual world where you will be able to visit new places, meet people and make friends by interacting with them not just by chat but with virtual gestures, you will also be able to get virtual and real products and services from your favorite brands and companies, play little videogames, while you gain points for your avatar living your virtual life and completing daily task like feeding, sleeping, working, among others.

In this virtual world you are able to do what you ever wanted to do.

Welcome to a new life, your virtual life!


Storyboard 40%
General Design 75%
Development 75%
Population 5%


V-Life for gamers is a mobile virtual reality videogame executable on web, iOS and Android mobile devices. The game takes place within a virtual 3D modeling enviroment, initially is a Virtual Mall where users can socialize and interact with other users, meet an make friends, buy products and services of its favorite brands and preferred companies, access to promotions and discounts and countless other activities.

V-Life for business is a virtual enterprise cluster that allows brands and businesses go virtual, innovate and be inserted into the gamification incresing their sales channels and brand presence.

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